After filming a birth video, I decided I needed to do something a bit more manly. So we went to Moab! I soon realized I have a daughter and couldn't help myself from getting "cute shots"... At least I got some jeeping in.

We first went to Determination Towers where we stayed the night to get some time lapses. We had eggs and bacon for breakfast in the morning, then headed over to Tusher Tunnel which was close by. Chloe had more fun playing in the sand than anything. It was very difficult to coax her to go anywhere. 

After hanging out at Tusher Tunnel we drove to Moab to play and eat lunch at the Park. After Chloe fell asleep we decided to do some jeeping on Hell's Revenge. Chloe slept so long that we were able to finish the entire trail with zero screaming/whining ;)

After that we headed back to town and went through a few shops and ended the trip with awesome food from Zax Restaurant.

It was an awesome 24 hours!